Everything you need for the construction of† ponds, lakes and waterfalls!

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From small feature pumps to powerful fountain pumps, filter pumps and sump pumps, we can advise on the best pump for every purpose.

We stock a wide range of filters; small in-pool, gravity, pressure and Ultra violet.† Whatever you are looking for we should be able to supply.

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Water Features and Fountains

Pond cleaning and maintenance service available

We probably have the largest selection of water features on display in the area.† From small indoor table top features to classic tiered fountains, in all manner of styles and materials.† If we havenít got it we can probably find it!

Solar powered pumps, waterfeatures and lights are becoming more and more popular. Easy and convenient to set up, and no expensive outdoor wiring!

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Mobile:††††† 07960 155131

The Watershed Paving and Aquatic Centre

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